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 About the "Target"

Despite the efforts of international, national, environmental, commercial, and private organizations, CO2 emissions continue to rise.  The reason is not enough is being done.  Climate Change may turn out to be one of the most challenging problems the world has ever faced.


In a few years, the world's population will reach 8 billion people.  The number of Internet users will be close to 6 billion by 2022.  There needs to be another approach.  Is it not possible to provide many concerned individuals with straightforward or doable climate solutions?  What if some of these suggestions can also reduce the cost of living for people?  

The purpose of Target on Climate Change is to provide humanity with personal and individual solutions to climate change and global warming.   It delivers curated websites known for their excellent information across many sectors, categories, and subjects.

It also provides an ongoing progress form called the Target Tracker.  This allows individuals to track their efforts over time.  The project helps answer the well-known question:  "What can one individual do?"  The most immediate need is funding to implement the TargetTracker database or blockchain and further develop the website.

Finally, despite ongoing discussions regarding personal versus collective and political climate change actions, both are self-reinforcing.  Individual actions of millions of people can promote internet-wide changes.  One such example is the lowered consumption of meat due to health concerns.

All Comments are welcome.  Please note that this is a non-profit pilot project in progress. 

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